CSOM is FINALLY available for .NET Core!

I don’t think anyone excpected that the 23rd of June 2020 would turn out to be such a crazy day. For years fresh developers of SharePoint have been surprised and in disbelief that the Client Side Object Model was not available for .NET Core. For some developers, who never even install Visual Studio, the premise of going “back to the old ways” could seem daunting and perplexing. Today however, Microsoft saves the day by letting christmas, new years and thanksgiving come early, and provide us – finally – with support for .NET Standard (and thus .NET Core) with CSOM. Check...

What’s this?

Hi, my name is Helge and i work as an Office 365 and Azure consultant! I’m one of those guys who loves a challenge and often goes to great lengths to make things work the way i feel they should, even if we’re not provided the tools. It’s about being creative, and seeing potential and possibilities where others don’t. Here i intend to share some of my work, and everything else I feel would be nice to share with the world. Who knows, maybe someone will know better and let me know in the comments?